Covid-19 Crisis Support

Due to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, we switch our resources to fully support public, science and industry support. We provide scientific data analysis, scientific guidance and strategic implications triggered by the crisis.

Link to Covid-19 epidemiological project.






SARA Systems is a new service provider for public and scientific institutions, and industry. We manage scientific projects, providing a coherent expert systems approach ICT framework for all participating partners.


Our current services for science related institutions, industry, trade and governance. We provide independent scientific consultance through our associated network of scientists.
Project preparation service
This includes independent expert advice on research proposals, scientific methods research ...
Project management service
This service varies in degree, offering minimally external audit research checkpoints, with additions ...
Project archiving services
A cornerstone of SARA Systems services. Any project part, especially data and software related work ...
Event management

Managing conferences, meetings, training sessions, etc


Seeking cooperation

SARA Systems is seeking cooperation with companies in the science and science application area. We try to bundle service packages from different companies in order to increase impact and rapid deployment inside a fair pricing model.

For inquiry and proposals: