Future Services Development

SARA Systems as a young technology start-up plans to increase the services it can provide to customers in science and industry. The following additions are planned as next steps in further SARA Systems development:

  1. SARA Account Management System

    SARA Systems will in future communicate with customers with the help of an account management system. This will allow to perform certain SARA services automatically, and without time delay for the customer.
  2. SARA Life Software Archive

    The so-called Life Archive is a cornerstone of SARA Systems new science philosophy. In the Life archive, software will be periodically checked for error free runtime performance. In case of framework changes, like programming language updates, the software in the Life Software Archive will be updated.
  3.  SARA Large-Scale Computing

    We would like to offer customers the possibility to use external computational resources in cases there are insufficient resources on site. This should be attractive to smaller working groups, companies and institutions, where computational hardware can be relatively costly to maintain.